We know corporate!

Want to take over the world with your brand?  We can help! Your guests have the opportunity to interact with custom branded print media, tailored social media and personalised emails (from you) again and again during the one event. We think that's pretty good exposure for your brand and your mission in taking over the world!

Brand images with your company logo

Send us your files and we can custom brand your images so your logo appears on the printouts, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter!

Guests have fun while you gain online attention

Our iPads allow your guests to Email, Facebook, Instagram and Tweet their images (with your logo on them) right there on the spot!

Automatic hashtags to make your brand go viral

"This is insane fun!" they yell, as they step aside and realise that they can print out their images right there on the spot, images with your logos overlayed onto them.

We print guests images + send custom emails (from you) as lasting reminders

Our photobooth prints guests images in under 10 seconds (they LOVE this) and sends them custom emails when they choose to email the digital images to themselves.