How does it work?

Choose from our previously loved backdrops below (for free!) or let us work with you to create a one of a kind stylish backdrop to suit your event. 

Whether it's a wedding, christmas party, bat mitzvah, corporate shindig, product promotion, trivia night..... whatever. If you can think it, we can create it! Or we can think it and create it if you're not so good on the thinking part. Keep reading below to find out more about custom design, otherwise enjoy looking through our previously loved backdrop closet!

Image of Backdrops

Custom Design

Maybe you have a specific colour scheme/theme you are wanting for your event? We would love to work with you to design a backdrop that ties in with whatever it is you are going for, and of course adding that little bit of extra style & fun to your affair. 

Custom backdrops start from $250. We will chat further with you to find out exactly what you are wanting and give you an exact quote. 

We often get asked if you are able to design your own backdrop - we think this is a great idea! Just make sure you get the exact specifications and details from us before you go and get all creative!